Thursday, 19 April 2012

3 week update

The past few weeks have been so ridiculously busy that I feel I have been neglecting my blog a little! Apologise's for that! So this post is a little update of what I have been doing over the past few weeks. Also, all the pictures are from my iphone so they may not be the best quality images.

Week 1: Cheerleading competition!

In week 1 I was busy at a cheerleading competition! We went up to Telford near Birmingham to compete in the University Nationals and the Midlands competitions at BCA. (British Cheerleading Association) And overall it went well! We had a practise session in the gym at Birmingham University the day before the first day of the competition which, unfortunately, resulted in a few injuries for the 1st team meaning they had to re arrange their routine and stunts! Bad news but they did well considering! For the University Nationals on Friday the 6th of April, my team came 10th out of 20, which is not bad considering nerves were high as, for a majority of the team; it was their first competition resulting in a few stumbles. The 1st team came 6th out of 20 bringing home a trophy and for the Small Jazz dance section of the competition, we came 1st which was awesome! At the Midlands Competition my team placed 4th out of 20 which was amazing! I'm so proud of us because there were a lot of good teams in that category, including non university teams which have members on their squad that have been there for years, and for us to be able to come 4th against them when we're only a university team was amazing! So proud! Brought home a nice little trophy! The 1st team came 6th out of 10 which again was pretty good. The 3rd team came 2nd out of 6 which is awesome! And finally, the Tumbling Duo and Trio both came 1st which was amazing and the Non Tumbling Trio came 1st and the Duo came 2nd which again is amazing, I’m so proud of our squad! It was such a good week! Absolutely exhausting emotionally and physically but good fun!

Week 2: Work

Week 2 isn't quite as exciting as week 1 as I pretty much just worked the whole week. I work at a dog groomers which I suppose sounds quite cool however, it’s not. I’m the person that washes and dries the dogs, and dogs don’t like being washed or dried (especially not with our loud driers) so every day is just one battle after another with dogs that don’t sit still, try to jump out the bath and sometimes go to bite. But other than that, the cuddles are good! Aha.

Week 3: Essay

Week 3 is definitely not as exciting as I have literally just been writing an essay for the whole week. And I still haven’t finished! I've taken some time out to write this post as I haven't blogged for 16 days and that’s just a little bit ridiculous!

So that’s my update! I will definitely be posting more next week as all my assignments are in (except for one on the 9th of May but that’s easy!) :)


  1. I love ur blog :)

    Being a cheerleader must be so much fun!!! Its totally becoming bigger and bigger in the uk now isnt it?

    I found ur week 2 bit soo funny! I am such a huge fan of all animals and i love dogs! I would love to work with animals so in that respect ur so lucky!!

    Come check out my blog! :D

    Jen xxx

    1. Thank you! :) Yer it is! And yer its growing so much, last year we competed against 4 other teams, this year 20 other teams! Its gotten so big in just 1 year!

      Aha yer it is fun but sometimes stressful. My boss gets quite stressed and it rubs off on us sometimes, especially when there's a difficult dog in.

      I will check your blog out, thanks for your comment! :)

      Ellis xx

  2. I used to cheer for the Leeds Celtics! let me explain - I'm not on the comp team (so not strong, ha), just the match team but it was always awesome watching them, I have great respect for you. And if that's you (sorry, new reader!) pulling the scorp then mega mega respect! My backs so not flexible and I've never been able to scorp or spike but I've got a pretty good bow and arrow :) So odd but good reading about cheer ha! xxx



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