Saturday, 17 March 2012

What next..

 So this is a post about my hair and what I've done with it and what to do next! I get bored with my hair very quickly so I like to change it every few months, now I'm stuck and cant decide what to do with it. Here's my history.. Let me know what you think I should do next!

So I've had long hair all my life and used to just change the colour. The image on the left is how it has been most of my life, then I grew guts and decided to cut it into a bob about 2 years ago (image on right) after wanting to for a few years.

 I then decided to man up even more and have it cut into a graduated bob (image on left) about 4 months after my bob. I had some blonde highlights done at the same time just to seperate the layers a bit more. I then went to uni about a month after that and, after realising I didnt have any money to get it cut proffesionally, cut the front off of my graduated bob myself as it was growing out and I had gone back to wanting long hair (image on right) I also died it a dark brown about christmas time as I just love the look of dark brown short hair and was bored again.

 I then decided I was bored of brown hair about 5 months after that, especially as it was now getting quite long, so I died it red for the summer (left) I had that for the summer, then decided I wanted to go blonde as I hadnt done that yet! So I had a half head of highlights done just before 2nd year of uni with a brown tint to get rid of the red to get the ball rolling. (right)

I then had a full head of blonde highlights done about 8 weeks later which turned me blonde and I loved it! (left) I then decided about 2 months after that, that I wanted ombre/dip dyed hair before it went out of fashion, so went back brown and died the ends blonde at christmas (right) which I wish I had never done as I loved my blonde hair!

I've now moved my parting to the middle and have decided to grow my fringe out as I'm bored of my hair yet again! I'm just waiting for my fringe to grow out on the left so I can stop clipping it back. I'm now deciding what to do with the colour again as I'm bored of that too. I want to go back blonde as I wasnt blonde for very long but I loved it! Might give that ago soonish. What do you guys think I should do next?!


  1. Your hair has always looked lovely :-)


    1. Aw thank you! It's so damaged though, I mess around with it too much! :/ xxx

  2. I really like your graduated bob - looks lovely on you. But tbh, your hair looks pretty lovely in all the photos x



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