Friday, 16 March 2012

Body Shop Love etc.. Review

As you may know, it was my birthday a few weeks ago and I got given lots of beautiful goodies, this gorgeous body lotion being one of them. After using it pretty much every night since I got it I thought it was about time I told the world how much I love it!
This Body Shop lotion is light, fresh and luxurious! It smells absolutely beautiful; the bottle describes its fragrance as ‘warm and radiant’ which I agree with. If I we’re to describe it, I would says it’s quite fruity but floral at the same time, beautiful. The sent also stays on your skin for a few hours, leaving your skin smelling and looking amazing! It soaks in really quickly, without leaving a sticky residue on your skin so you can apply it just before going out if you want, or just before bed without having to wait ages for it to sink in. It really moisturises and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth even after one application! I love it!


My Friend also gave me a pocket sized tub of the matching solidperfume, which, obviously, smells the same as the lotion and it’s perfect for just carrying around in your bag. I love perfumes that have matching lotions, it means you can use both and know that you are going to smell beautiful all day long, as well as having gorgeous skin. Perfect. Body Shop really hit the ball with these two!

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