Thursday, 29 March 2012

Its been a while!

So it's been a very long time since I last blogged purely due to the fact that I have had a ridiculous amount of assessments due in this week. They are all now done and dusted and I can now finally sit in the sun and relax for a bit!

I thought I would give you a sort of update on what I’ve been doing over the past 2 or so weeks just to catch you up on my life :)

So I've been stretching a lot recently to improve on my splits for cheer competition! I'm doing them in the routine and want them to look really good, so I've been stretching hard! I think during the routine they actually look ok as a mixture of adrenaline and the fact that my muscles warm up during the first part of the routine means I can jump into them easy. Also, competition is next week! I'm so scared! All our squads have been training hard, and we went to Woking gym the other day to practise on a sprung floor, and as you can see we went hard from the amount of bruises I have! It’s also been a few weeks full of birthdays. One was for my best friend back home who turned 20! ( We went to TGI's and it was amaazing. We also took lots of photos in one of the photo machines, love them! Such a good way to get memories from a special night. It was also my best friend from uni's birthday and we had an awesome night at BOP (a student night at uni) I've been going to BOP a lot recently and I love it! Miss my flat mates from last year. Also, I’ve been playing around with my new nail dotting tool, love it! Also tried out my mum’s magnetic nail polish which is fricking awesome! BEST THING THIS WEEK, I took a break from work to watch BREAKING DAWN! Love it, definitely the best one, so in love with Jacob.. And Edward.. I can have both right? Oh yer, my mum bought me this totally cool massive book of 100 contemporary designers. I don’t know why she bought me it, buts it’s pretty cool! And finally.. I finished all my essays today! Well until after comp anyway. So I took the time to sit in the sun and soak up that Vitamin D!

Woah long post, but now you're all up to date and I can now get back to some sort of normal life, not stuck in the library working! Looking forward to completing my post on my Cheer Comp! WISH ME LUCK!!!


  1. Ouch those bruises look painful. I feel your pain though, I get loads from dancing. It took me years to get my splits but I still can't do box splits, love the pictures, you should do more lifestyle posts,

    1. Yer i think i will do more lifestyle posts as i dont really have anything else to post about! Yer im working on my box splits now :/ Its gna take me a while i think!

      Sorry for not replying sooner! Only just noticed this comment!



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