Sunday, 11 March 2012

My first Benefit experience: Mascara Review

I've never had/bought anything from Benefit before; I've never had the money to buy anything of theirs! For my birthday, my mum decided to give me a Benefit mascara and I was just so excited to try it, and my god I can finally see why everyone loves Benefit! This stuff is amazing! It really does what it says on the packet! My eyelashes look so much longer and fuller and just generally amazing! (I think so anyway) The mascara has a thin wand, made from silicone (I think) with thin bristles, which defines every lash, it even has a ball of bristles at the end to separate and curl your lashes. It comes out quite thin which is useful for when you only want a thin layer of mascara in the day time, then you can just layer it up for evening looks, I personally like quite thick lashes through the day as well, so I apply two layers in the morning rather than just one. To anyone who really loves thick full lashes and who maybe wears fake lashes through the day, I would definitely recommend ditching the falseies to give this mascara ago! Works wonders and really makes your eyes stand out! 10/10! Will definitely be trying more Benefit products! Love.

Before (only eyeliner applied)

One layer (eyelashes curled before application)

Two layers.

Eyeliner: Avon Super Shock gel liner


  1. alot of people tell me benefit is great! must get round to trying some of there stuff out! love your blog! have a nice week. :)

    1. That's what I thought.. I would definitely recommend this if that helps! :)

      Thanks you too!

  2. I'm currently saving up for that mascarra :)
    It really does look beautiful on your lashes,

    Shannen Xx



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