Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Birthday Fun

So it was my birthday at the weekend and I turned 20! No longer a teenager any more, scary stuff! I celebrated with my family and friends. I went out with my friends on the Friday up at uni and some of my best friends from back home came up to party with me and it made the night perfect! I then had my grandparents come round for dinner on the Saturday (my actual birthday) and it was lovely! My dad is such an amazing cook and made some beautiful dishes for us. We started with fried chorizo with homemade croutons, haloumi and a rocket salad, it was delicious! Then we had monk fish for a main, cooked in a beautiful lemon and orange sauce, served with potatoes, amazing! Then obviously a cheese board for my granddads benefit, as he is a traditionalist, then birthday cake for pudding! Beaut.

Now on to the important stuff.. PRESENTS! I thought I would share with you the goodies I received from my family and friends, each with a small review. Some of the products will have their own separate reviews later on in the week as some of them look interesting and are products I have never seen before, but I haven’t had time to try them all out properly yet. There are a few gifts I received that aren't here as I'm writing this in my uni room, and I've left some presents at home but here it goes :)

This was a present from my dad. Such a thoughtful present. These are the worry people of Guatemala. Basically, the people of Guatemala told their worries to the worry people before going to bed, then left them under their pillows, and when they awoke their worries had gone. Now, my dad knows that I worry about every stupid little thing you can think of so this, to me, is an amazingly thoughtful present! And, I’m not going to lie, I tried this the night I got them, and, not kidding, I swear the worry Ii told them had just disappeared from my mind. I mean, it was still there, but I wasn’t worrying about it. So strange. Maybe it’s a psychological thing if you believe they work, I don’t know, but whatever it is, it worked! I will be trying it again soon, and I will be taking them to my cheer competition!
Of course chocolate is a must have for any birthday! These will not be around by next week!

The nail varnishes were from someone I lived with last year, and the transfers from some girls on my cheer squad. I’m looking forward to trying the transfers as I've had the minx ones before and they were beautiful! The glittery nail varnish I have on my nails at the moment over a pale pink and I love it! So beautiful.. It will have its own separate review later this week!

These I knew I was getting; they are a pair of trackie bottoms with my cheerleading squads name written down the bottom of the left leg. Will definitely be wearing these to competition!

These were given to me by my beautiful flat rep from last year. The heart is a solid form of perfume and smells amazing! Perfect hand bag size, and the body lotion smells beautiful too but I have yet to use it properly.. Review coming!

These were given to me by my best friend, the phone case is amazing and so me as I am a photography student! Love it! And the snap shot magnetic photo frames are also perfect for all my photos! (And I have a lot!).. And, well, who doesn’t love candy nipple tassels? Haha obviously a joke present, but tastes good anyway! Love her for these x

This was from my family, I'm yet to try this but I think it sounds cool and if it works will look amazing! Review will probably be on its way soonish!

Perfumes, again from my family, smell amazing, and I actually had the Gucci one before (the gold bottle) however I think this maybe a different version of it, as instead of clear glass on the sides, this has frosted black sides, maybe they brought out a night time version? And the Vera Wang perfume (left) smells beautiful, and the bottle is stunning!  

These, also from the fam, I have yet to try. The New Kid i-gel sounds awesome and, again, will probably have a separate review. I've previously had Avon eyeliner and love it (Christmas present from my work friend/Avon rep) and the stila lip gloss and NARS eyeliner I just haven’t had time to even try out yet

These were from my friend from work. Beautiful present! Love the earrings and the lip gloss smells and tastes looovely!

Everyone knows I love my St.Tropez, so giving this to me as a present gives you a 10 out of 10! Again from the 'rents, and the GHD heat spray is also perfect for me as, well, my hair is my favourite feature and I'm constantly messing with it, so hopefully, this should protect it from my styling!

Now, this nail varnish is just plain awesome! It has a light on it so you can paint your nails in the dark! Now that's just cool, also love painting my nails, so these beauties were just perfect!

Socks, always a necessary present and these are cute and pink! Not a massive fan of pink, but vibrant pink I love! Perfect

PERFECT PRESENT! My housemates know me too well! I'm in love with The Biebs and when I opened this I freaked out massively. It actually smells beautiful, you may not believe me, but it does. And the fact that it's from this beautiful man (and he is 18 now so I can say man!) just makes it 10x better. LOVE.


  1. So jealous of the goodies your mum got for you. I want nars!!!! :( x

    1. I've got some of their other stuff from last year, I love it! Next time you come round, you can have a look in my mums goodie draw. She gave some stuff to Kate and Becky so it's only fair! X

  2. Happy Birthday! You lucky thing! What amazing presents!!! :-) I will eagerly await your review of the Model Co Fibre Lash. As it has been on my list of things I want to buy, but I am too nervous too for agessss!



    1. Just to let you know, i've done the review of the Model Co Fibre Lash :)

  3. Thank you! I will most probably be reviewing it tomorrow at some point :) xx

  4. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine and enter my Boohoo Giveaway!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons



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