Monday, 12 March 2012

Review: Model Co Fibre Lash Kit

So I’ve been really busy the last few weeks as I have so many uni deadlines coming up but I’ve finally managed to find the time to try out the MODEL Co Fibre Lash 'brush on false lashes' kit I got for my birthday. Here’s my review!

I was a bit dubious of trying this Fibre Lash kit as I was worried that the fibres would just fall into my eyes, but I finally gave it a go and the results were good! What you do is apply a layer of the MODEL Co mascara in the kit, then apply a layer of the white fibres just like you would apply mascara, then apply another layer of the mascara to make the fibres black and to stick them to your lashes more.  I found that the fibre and mascara made my eyelashes look very full and so much longer! The fibres were not noticeable at all when the second layer of mascara was applied, I had to remove a few little fibres from the ends of my lashes where they had gone astray, but that was it.
The only criticism I would have of this product is that a few minutes after applying the fibres, it felt like a few had fallen into my eyes, and my eyes became a little itchy. Whether this was just paranoia because I was aware that I had fibres stuck to my lashes, or whether they actually had fallen in there I don’t know but it soon went away after a few minutes and a little bit of rubbing.
Overall, I like this product and think it works well and would definitely use it as a day time mascara, however, I will definitely be sticking to my falsies for nights out as I know that If I use the fibre mascara on a night out, I would just spend the night worrying about whether the fibres had fallen down my face. I would recommend this to anyone who wants long, thicker looking lashes, just make sure you well and truly stick the fibres to your lashes with the mascara! 

No mascara.

First layer of the Model Co mascara

One layer of Fibres

Second layer of mascara onto of Fibres


  1. Your lashes looks great! You have such a pretty eye colour too x

  2. Oooohhh I am glad you have done this! I love the effect of it! But I agree with you I would probably only wear it in the day. It does not look "fake" enough for evenings out :-P


    1. Haha exactly my point! I like my eyes to stand out on nights out so this just isnt enough! Good for the day though :) xxx



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