Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Avon moisturising conditioning hair mist spray

So my good friend is an Avon rep, and she has this box that she keeps loads of Avon products in that she uses for birthday presents etc and she said the other day that I could go through it and find a few things for myself. And I found this little beauty that I was actually planning on ordering, and I fell in love with as soon as I used it!

This moisturising conditioning spray really works and smells amazing! I could really notice the difference when I used it, my hair felt softer and smoother instantly! I let my hair dry naturally after using it because I’m trying not to use heat appliances on it, this could have helped in it feeling softer but I’m sure the spray contributed. It smells gorgeous, kind of coconuty and almondy and is beautiful! The spray its self is light and comes out like a mist so it doesn’t smother your hair or make it greasy. It says on the back that it detangles, but I didn’t really notice this much, but I would still recommend this to anyone that wants softer, beautiful hair!

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